10 Business Development Tips For Attorneys

The need to manage expectations continues into the client relationship. If you are unable to land a meeting with a client or potential client, perhaps there’s a chance to nurture a referral source. A key highlight was one of the company’s divisions had a significant amount of budget to acquire North American based medical device companies. Having this business intelligence allowed the firm to proactively assist the client with identifying potential companies for acquisition. She also suggests using that interaction to learn more about the referral source and vice versa.

They note that networking events often share a list of attendees in advance, and this is an opportunity to seek out people you want to meet at the event. An effective business development strategy can provide a consistent client work pipeline throughout the year. Check out the page-turners that landed our list of top 10 business books every law firm owner needs to read.

Law Firm Marketing: A Guide

As a law firm owner, your biggest job is managing the entire team. This means that you’re obligated to have tough conversations. Best-selling author and experienced executive Kim Scott lays out her vital new approach to effective management, Radical Candor. For client-centered law firms, communication means more than just providing updates on clients cases. It’s about being proactive so that clients feel informed, and taking the time to ensure clients truly understand everything that is going on. This is important throughout the entire client journey, from intake to invoice. Your clients don’t just come to you to get legal issues resolved.

10 Business Development Tips For Attorneys

Business development for law firms is complex, and you need a partner you can trust. At Postali, we work hard to ensure the attorneys we work with have sound, sustainable growth plans for their firms. That doesn’t mean that business development should stop once your firm is operating comfortably. There is fierce competition in the legal profession, and firms who are not constantly innovating their strategies are missing opportunities to reach potential clients. We can help new firms create a plan that is both realistic and feasible. While you may be reluctant to invest in business development efforts without a steady cash flow, the reality is that you cannot afford not to.

The Pros and Cons of .lawyer and .law Domain Names

They may assume that someone who was once their biggest enemy could never be their client. We’ll provide marketing strategy and recommendations even if we are not executing on your marketing tactics. For example, public relations and social media are integral for large firms who engage in community involvement. However, in many cases we recommend hiring an in-house specialist. We often work with firms who have their own marketing specialists to aid in strategy, reporting or execution. We’ll discuss your goals and help your firm create a marketing plan to attract new clients.

10 Business Development Tips For Attorneys

However, simply bringing in new business may not be enough. We’ll focus on understanding which types of cases your firm wants, based on each case type’s profitability and the talent of your attorneys. We help firms who are expanding their practices areas or want to focus their business development on the most profitable case types. Measure these proactive KPIs against an initial baseline to identify improvements in behavior.

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The most successful law firms are continuously improving their efforts. To do so, you need to ensure your business development efforts are measurable. If you only focus on marketing your law firm, you are likely leaving money on the table. For example, one common issue that some law firms face is the inability to convert incoming inquiries into clients.

  • According to the 2016 ABA Legal Technology Survey report, more than 93% of lawyers surveyed now use LinkedIn, with large firm attorneys using it the most.
  • Create a plan and set goals, but be specific and use deadlines to hold yourself accountable.
  • It’s easy to confuse activity with progress, but to be effective you need to allocate your limited business development time wisely.
  • If you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to develop your own training curriculum, consider outsourcing this portion of your initiative.
  • How are Ferrara and his colleagues at Proskauer responding to this new reality?

Take great care of your clients, keep them happy, and try to grow the work you do for them and their colleagues. Many lawyers focus solely on the task at hand, but many client matters offer an opportunity to develop additional work from that client. Sometimes you just need to listen closely and offer suggestions where appropriate. Our firm’s stable of active nonprofit clients – now at 500 after two years – keeps growing each and every week, and the type and diversity of work we do for them continues to grow as well. One of the most exciting tech innovations that law firm marketing teams can now put to use is the API.

Continue investing in your law firm’s growth

Tie the initiative to your firm’s strategic plan, gain buy-in from lawyers and leadership, and make a business case for budget approval. Since 2009, he has been working with law firms to design websites and develop comprehensive Search Engine Optimization 10 Business Development Tips For Attorneys and Google Ads campaigns. Say you’re a family law firm offering a service for unpaid employees in the local area. For example, if someone looks up “when to hire a personal injury lawyer” and ends up on your blog post, they’re a marketing-qualified lead.

10 Business Development Tips For Attorneys

Future solo practitioners and law firm leaders are often left to their own devices to master skills such as accounting, human resources, practice management, realization rates, marketing and business development. Mo Bunnell, CEO of the Bunnell Group, shared how business development leaders can overcome user adoption challenges with three trends that are standing out in 2022. By following these three effective trends, you and firm business development teams can overcome any lack of accountability and any lack of momentum. These trends are effective practices that work for any professional services firm, not just law firms. Accountants, architects, engineers—anybody with one foot in the delivery of a complex expertise and one foot into finding a client to say “yes” to your services can benefit. Whether too focused on looming deadlines or uncertain of the best development approach for their area of law, many law firms do not focus enough energy on building profitable business relationships. This leaves many law firms scrambling for business when they have no work, and leaving money on the table when they are overwhelmed.

Law firm marketing: Attract prospective clients

Many lawyers make mistakes in this area, and they can have significant negative effects on business growth. The good news, though, is that all of these missteps can be avoided if you focus on how you’re going about developing new business and build a solid business development plan. The best way to find time to be a rainmaker is to weave business development into activities that you are already doing.

  • Many firms did better than they could have ever imagined—not only did the majority survive, many also thrived.
  • He separates himself from the others by truly caring and investing in his clients.
  • You need to speak to get business, too, and I urge you to speak a lot about what you do.
  • Promoting yourself as a neutral is distinct from developing business as an advocate.
  • We also help firms set marketing budgets based on their goals, practice areas, market competitiveness and geographic location.
  • From practice management software to virtual receptionists and social media management tools, we can help your firm make the best decisions about legal technology.

Lawyers and law firm marketers are increasingly mobile and short on time. The time you’ve spent on your law firm marketing plan will serve everything else you do in your marketing. Keep this strategy on hand as you move to the next steps.

Grow your online reviews

They come to you for peace of mind, reassurance, emotional support, advice, and more, during very stressful times in their lives. Lean into this with empathy and you could help your law firm stand out in a big way. Law firm business development goes beyond simply generating more revenue.

You may also want to consider Clients in related businesses or industries who face challenges similar to those of your current Clients. If you do not know how to get clients as a lawyer, you need to start somewhere. In order to get business as an attorney, you need to get out and meet people and expand your comfort zone.

You can get published, blog, write articles, get interviewed, or get involved at an industry event as a panelist, emcee, or speaker. It is important and effective to broaden your target audience. Many lawyers are involved in their communities and charities. It is great that they are out there making a difference.

Everyone should have business development mentors – either up close or from afar – and it should be those who do it in a style and manner that works well for you. Everyone has a slightly different approach to business development; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I believe I have taken and incorporated a little bit from each of the best business developers in the nonprofit legal community over the last 26 years in a manner that suits me best. While the edge right now goes to the incumbent, there remain things you can do to put yourself in a position to generate new business. Here are six strategies to consider in this challenging time. The most efficient and effective way to become the go-to law firm for a specific industry is through industry practice groups. This might be the most important tip of all – follow up.

For instance, they may repurpose Practical Law Legal Updates to keep clients, newsletter recipients, blog readers, and social media connections up to speed with new developments, https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ trends, and legislative actions. Conversation list strategy for law firm business development to maintain your relationships is a great way to stay social.

To drive home the message that you are an effective lawyer. By Carolyn Bach The 2022 American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting returned to an in-person format for the first time since 2019 — and a large cross-section of the law library… In its 2018 Annual Marketing Partner Forum Survey, Thompson Reuters concluded thatstronger BD efforts could be one way out of a flat legal market. If you get to implement all ten, you will be ahead of the competition and have greater success. Does your sense of humor go out the window when tacking business development? If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Outside of work, Elena is an adjunct professor at a Chicago college teaching public speaking and group communication skills. She volunteers as Chair of a 3,000-parent network for a Special Education Resource Group in her community.

I don’t even have the time to write long articles anymore (just cocktail books!). Capitalize on the client work you are already doing to spin off short, relevant articles that are timely and appeal to your clients and prospective clients. In my judgment, it is better to publish five three-page articles than one ten-page article – and then have it published in five places instead of just one. Build off the work you are doing for your clients every day.

Law firm business development and marketing start with legal know-how

They simply think that they must not be marketers, rather than understanding that they’ve been implementing a flawed plan. It’s our job to give them useful advice and help aim them in the right direction.



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